The Site is my personal domain. On the site you will find articles on business and technology issues that interest me, or that I think need to be considered more widely. I started my career as a research chemist and biochemist and progressed through electronic engineering into technology sales and IT management. I now work primarily as a management consultant. The articles on this site will hopefully serve to spark some interest in the craft of management. Feel free to contact me if you agree with them, disagree or are totally mystified by the subject. Suggestions for more subjects to cover are also welcome. Note that I am available for interim or longer term contracts if you feel that your organisation needs someone like me.

Something you will not find here is anything about the SHRDLU project at MIT. When I chose the domain Terry Winograd's Shrdlu project was long-dormant. Since then it has been resurrected. See Wikipedia or SHRDLU resurrected.

As of this date the site is very definitely a work in progress, text only with no graphics. I intend to get most of the text in place before looking at aesthetics.

Bernard Peek, February 2015